Brilliant Ideas, Romantic Trip to Ride in Europe

Brilliant Ideas, Romantic trip to ride in Europe. As train tickets are sold out or be very expensive, not buy tickets, there is one more way to travel is relatively cheap in Germany and Europe in general. That is boarded. The most common is a car ride with the same goal with us.

In Germany, many offer services traveling along either the fire or the drive train ride. Usually the owner of the ticket can be used daily cheap rollicking offered to other passengers. Rate ventures. On Ebay, sometimes we come across things like this.

Hitchhiking with a specific purpose here is equally vibrant. Many workers offered space at his personal vehicle to the other workers in exchange for a little cash instead of gasoline. If two people can gather the same aims, then certainly more lighter fuel load. Time to go home and can be adjusted according to the agreement.

For longer distances too many people take advantage of this kind of symbiosis mutualisma. There are at least two well-known internet sites in Germany providing services as a liaison between the owner of a car with a passenger: and

If you intend to travel to a city using their services, we just enter the city of origin, destination city and dates. The result will appear the car owner data, departure time, how many people he wants to hold, smoking or not, sex, joint price should we pay, etc.. There is an email address or a phone that we can contact. Whether or not there are still places we can usually know when to contact them.

As per Mr. experiences, hitchhiking is only more efficient is also faster than if driving a train. For the route Bremen - Cologne is more than 300 kilometers, for instance. If the fire should be reached berkerata least 40 euros one-way, with boarded average tariff required car owners is about 20 euros. In fact, there are only asking for 15 euro only. Any type of car stuff. Starting from an old Ford sedan polo until Mercedes new output had climbed to ride Mr. Instead he climbed Mercedes alone with the car owner. Seemed to have a personal driver, said Mr..

Ride to other countries in Europe are also many services offered through the interface. Just choose the menu abroad (ausland).

Traveling this way may be suitable for those who like to go spontaneously. Themselves or at least not alone. This method is equally beneficial for car owners and passengers. Interested, please try.


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