Branch Galaxy Delivered Samsung Profit Achieved Record High

Branch Galaxy, Delivered, Samsung Profit Achieved Record High
 Samsung Electronics expects to achieve record profits in the third quarter to September 2012 amounted to 7.3 billion dollars.

Operating profit was almost double compared to the same period last year and driven by strong sales of Galaxy smartphones.


While sales of other Samsung products-such as digital screens, TV, and semiconductor-did not show a drastic improvement.


"Sales of the Galaxy S III and high-tech TVs stronger than expected revenue growth skyrocketed made ​​in the third quarter, said a financial analyst at NH Investment & Securities, Lee Sun-Tae.


Estimated profit was much higher than expected observers and lift stock prices Samsung at 1.5%.

The shadow of conflict


However the South Korean company's legal dispute with rival Apple, overshadowing future expected profits.


California court decision recently that Apple won in a lawsuit to be one of the factors that could hinder the progress of Samsung.


In a decision in August, Samsung was ordered to pay damages of 1 billion U.S. dollars to Apple accused Samsung stole some patent rights.


"The fourth quarter revenue will greatly depend on how much Samsung would set aside for possible payment penalties in connection with the lawsuit Apple," said James Song of financial companies, KDB Daewoo Securities.


Samsung itself has filed a lawsuit against Apple for iPhone 5 considers stealing some patent rights.


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