Boss "Marketing" Lumia, Resolve Flee From at Nokia

Boss "Marketing" Lumia, Resolve flee from at Nokia
 Ilari Nurmi, vice president for product marketing identified as responsible for the marketing strategy of Nokia Lumia in the lineup, has left Nokia.

The Reuters news agency has reported Nurmi confirm that he is no longer in Nokia. However, Nurmi did not say whether he resigned or was asked to leave.


Nurmi's departure is not far adrift from the launch of the Lumia 920 made ​​in September 2012. That is, according to Reuters, the last time Nurmi speak officially to the media.


Launching Lumia 920, a smartphone with Windows Phone 8, is not welcomed by investors. For one thing, the Nokia when it did not announce exactly when the product will be available in the market and at what price.


The launch was also attended by the "incident" that made Nokia should apologize for getting caught "dishonest" using video and photos in promotional Lumia 920. Video and photos taken with the Nokia 920 is called apparently taken with a professional camera.


Nokia 920 is believed to take place before the end of 2012. This product is expected to compete with the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S III as a smartphone option for spending at the end of the year.


Lumia family at this time to be one of Nokia's main strategy to fight in the global mobile market. Lumia addition, there are also cheap mobile Asha family is more focused on emerging markets such as Indonesia.


Wicaksono Surya Hidayat


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