Boisterous-Crisp and Excitement Tur of Fes el Jedid

Early in the morning, our second day in the city of Fes, we can not wait to explore the city. At first we did not realize that when Morocco over an hour later than the time Germany. So at about 7 am we had left the hotel. Guard his hotel is still sleeping in one corner. Let us put the keys at the front desk.

The morning was cold and still quiet. One or two people passing in the street. The shops and offices are closed. Crossing the outskirts Avenue Hassan II to Place de la Resistance, the confusion we find a way to Fes el Jedid to then continue to Fes el Bali. Place de la Resistance is the intersection of six and look crowded by motor vehicles. Name the Boulevard Moulay Youssef we did not find. Standing long enough in one corner, we decided to take a big way. Alhamdulillah this estimate is true.

We're happy to start a walk in the morning. There are some things that may not be right if we leave more natural daylight. On the main road close to Dar el Makhzen palace complex, some street cleaners were working. Using a manual broom fibers. Another man carrying cart with two large buckets untukwadah garbage. Freely they work because the streets are relatively quiet. The two food vendors pass. They put food on the wheelbarrow. No cover at all. Leaving food interact with dust and vehicle fumes. Some people were sitting on the steps near the sidewalk.

The doors of Dar el Makhzen being cleaned. The complex looks very spacious. Moroccan royal family still live there. So people can only take pictures from the outside. At the junction of Rue Mellah direction there are guards at the substation. When photographing corner of the palace, a guard forbade Mr. sign language. Apparently the guard worried father photographing him. Similarly, when a group of Japanese tourists from the bus started shooting. The guards panicked. In many countries, memoret security officers, police, army, etc. is not allowed.

Rue Mellah still quiet in the morning. Only one or two shops open. The two elderly mother begging. The young begin to roll out their merchandise peddlers. Though the street is bustling right the second time we passed. Many gold traders. His mother just makes you drool. Mellah area was once the ghetto. Now so slum.

Fes Fes el Jedid or new age old truth. Was built by the dynasty Merinid when he started taking control of Morocco in 1276. Around the palace there are several mosques and madrasas. Early in the morning, when he saw people queuing to buy bread for breakfast, Mother tempted too. We bought several kinds of bread. A small but heavy plastic bag contents only 10 dirhams. Or roughly 11 thousand dollars. We ate near a bus stop. Many stray cats and dogs around there. Without a guide, we had strayed into Fes el Bali. Confused, we passed a small, barely entered the complex Fes el Jedid. looks complicated, we passed a big way only. Fortunately immediately met Jardin de Boujeloud, many city parks wild dogs.

The second time through there, we were accompanied by Erix. Turns out the right way is through Grande Rue de Fes el Jedid. Initially we thought the market's entrance only. Indeed, through the fashion market: shoes, bag, scarf, gorgeous Moroccan clothes, etc.. later tembu to the front of Jardin de Boujeloud. Ah, thanks also we got lost on the first visit. So much to know and a lot of things we saw.


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