Beware If Decide Trips To Paris France

Beware If Decide Trips to Paris France. Some time ago, Mr new boss told me, he kecopetan in the Thalys, the business-class trains executives on his return from Paris. Precisely on the route between Brussels and Liege in Belgium. When he came in to report to the police, was a herd of pickpockets move quickly. Most of the money in the bank they had been snatched. Professional herd turns. According to the Belgian police, a route that includes vulnerable. Usually, gangs have seized the opportunity when people are busy up and down the train. One person will be disguised as a passenger and pretend to put or take goods from luggage rack near the ceiling rail. Unfortunately, Mr. Bos put the purse containing ATM, credit card, driving license, etc in the jacket and draped it over the storage area in the ceiling.

Mr. Bos family story reminds travelers and all my friends, so always be careful. Anytime anywhere. In Germany, which is said to be safe, it still happens some crimes such as fraud and pickpocketing, even the hold-up. So caution is safer for themselves.
We have a few personal experiences and friends about crime in tourist spots. Hopefully useful when presented.

In general, all kinds of crowds of people would invite unwelcome. So as much as possible stay away or if it should join the crowd, keep valuables extra careful. Usually we move the bag back to the front, to be more easily controlled. In summer, when tourist spots crowded with visitors, the more dense is also the number of the long arm.
In Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen state is famous for its Dome (giant church), located in the center of the crowd around the Dome, the central station, and dis-station underground train station. Crowd will be doubled on weekends or holidays.

Sometimes, regardless of the interference pickpocket, not necessarily entirely safe from tampering. The beggar begging sometimes clustered, shirt tugging the tourists while pleading. Not pilfer, but often their behavior is very disturbing. A friend had experienced in the city of Nuernberg (the state of Bavaria). Shortly after giving the money a beggar woman, himself being approached by three or four other beggar woman. Half the force gives them too.

In the city center of Vienna, in the great church was the center of the tourist crowds. Over and over we heard police patrol warned the travelers to be wary of their luggage each. A friend of a woman claimed to have kecopetan in Vienna. Always be alert so visit here.
Two friends have experienced similar events boss the Father. Losing something when driving with train in the medium of Belgium. The difference is they are using the economic train. The one put her bag on the train near the ceiling, and disappeared. Others put the suitcase containing the laptop a bit far from where she sat. Something a bit reckless and invites crime indeed.

Be wary of people who offer assistance to take in the sights. That said, many tourists cameras taken away criminals in this way in Stockholm, Sweden. If you do not take away, some asking for money in return.
While enjoying the view of the old city of Venice, a mother approached, he said of the anti-AIDS organization. "Support us with a signature here," he pleaded. His mother followed initially. One other moms chat you kindly. Asked where we came from, where to stay, etc.. Uh, ultimately ask money, he said to the fund. His mother said no, strike his name from the list and ngeloyor go. Anyone would not like anyone asking for money in this way.

On the way to the heart of Rome Colosseo, family travelers have experienced something sucks. We passed men dressed a la the ancient Roman army. Suddenly they offer a picture together. Initially we have fun alone. Finally unpleasant. They asked for 30 Euros as a reward. What the fuck. Do not like the way they did, we also had an argument. "Here, I have clear picture of you all," His mother said angrily, pointing a digital camera screen.
In Italy, according to information the friend also vulnerable to pickpockets air-scooter. Especially in the narrow streets and crowded.

In front of the Sacre Couer, Paris, some men have a similar modus operandi. They approached the tourists, put bracelets made of colorful yarn used in the hands of a person's end with no reasonable charge. Around the Eiffel Tower pickpockets roam. As much as the pickpocket beneficiaries opportunities in Piazza San Marco, Venice.
Not only criminals and beggars, hawkers sometimes doing less fun. Moreover, if not force tourists to buy their wares. So, beware anywhere!


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