Before Travelling, Recognize Media and Field

Before Travelling, Recognize Media and Field

Traveled up has become a passion. Writing too. Not a day did not taste good if channeling ideas through writing. Either through personal notes as well as through blogs. Writing was flowing at the start of the new face of the draft manuscript. 'Voice' writing can be heard by many people. Now is the time to try writing for mass media consumption.

Writing for print media, is certainly different from writing in the open day or a personal blog. If you write for yourself, so bodo gw pake mo alay language or nope. Like-like gw nyingkat mo ato like one word spelling. Nyang critically important writing flows, gw Amendment, temen2 nope i had some protests.

In the mass media, can not be so. There may also print receptive to writing slang. But most still use the standard Indonesian. The good and the true. Well, let me get used to writing with this kind of Indonesian, it's good to get used to using it when writing personal notes. In my personal blog, too. I try to always use good language. Although occasional use of jargon and no standard language I could not avoid. In order to get the 'feel' that I want.

Before trying to 'fight' with the print media in the country, it is advisable to know the terrain in advance. Do a little research about the media that we want to penetrate. Teen lifestyle magazine is different Gya language lifestyle magazine Mother-Mother. The language is different from the paper magazine. Media Muslims different from the general media, and so on. Is the media tends to load writings manifold tour guide, or traveloge. Do they like to use subtitles? Need to write at info box?

In the paper, the writing journey usually appear in the Sunday paper. Occasionally buy a Sunday paper for research. The magazine can be purchased second-hand. Lending to friends who subscribe. Or make friends with the owner and magazine newsstand, if do not want to buy. Android-based smartphone owners can use the app or iPad Newsstand. There we can download some magazines for free. Or buy it at a cheaper price than the price of magazine paper.

In addition to style, it's also important to know how many photos you have sent, how many pages or how many characters the script that we wrote. To what email address should we send the manuscript. There are some that require media timeout. As Femina (posts written up a year after the trip), and the newspaper Kompas weeks (6 months).

When all was ready, the script was written as possible according to the rules, wait no more. Come directly print Attack!!!


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