Been to State of The Three State Border, Saarland

Been to State of the "Three State Border, Saarland. Located in the triangle area of ​​the German border with France and Luxembourg were the state of Saarland, the smallest state among the 16 states of this republic. Saarland is also a bridge between Germany and the countries of Western Europe. Its capital, Saarbruecken, located on the banks of the River Saar, right on the border with France. It is said that we can see the edge of the neighboring countries of Saar in Saarland. Saarland and surrounding city has a fascinating history. Saar rivers are the lifeblood of the inspiration for the name of their area, and Saarbruecken Saarland.

Here is the ideal place for anyone who wants to enjoy the beauty of the countryside, forests and hills meetings. Or those who want to combine the idea of ​​having fun with water. All activities and water sports can be enjoyed in the lakes, rivers and reservoirs in the Saarland. It adalh perfect place for rest and family vacations. In addition, visitors can also combine historical, cultural, and sports. Of course atapun mountain biking.
Been to State of the "Three State Border, Saarland.

St. area. Wendeler Bostalsee land with picturesque lake is not only a paradise for sport bike enthusiasts who want to get a lot of challenges, but also great for pedestrians, golf and water sports. Saarlouis is a center for active men and women with aerosport Wallerfangen-Dueren or hike in Ensdorf.

Saargau are hills in the west of the River Saar, where grapes have started to be planted since the days of ancient Roman imperial power. Trias fertile soil used intensively so that thousands of vines cover this area. This is the original flavor Saargau.

Iron Age heyday Voelklingen beralngsung full century. From 1883 when the first combustion ungku started until 1986 when the mine was closed. Now, in the era of magnificent monuments industrial heyday, Voelklingen Ironwork, declared as a UNESCO cultural heritage site. Six furnaces along 250 meters form the center of this cultural heritage. Another is where coke, iron belt supplier, pengakut, blowers throwers giant hot air into molten iron to make it look shiny white.


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