Been to Experience Bilal Mosque, Aachen

Been to experience Bilal Mosque, Aachen. Almost every week we visited Aachen, the city is approximately a half-hour train journey from where we lived in Duren. Not only for the sake of shopping in stores Asia. But also to stay in touch with fellow Muslims as well as recitals compatriots. Sometimes, because pretty much congregational recitation, we had trouble getting nowhere. So sometimes teaching Aachen enable it in Bilal Mosque.

The mosque is located in Professor Pirlet Strasse no. 20. It is located close to the station Aachen West. When we got off the train at this station, the mosque will soon be seen. If you want to ride the city bus, look for the buses that passed by numerous Aachen-West.
Been to experience Bilal Mosque, Aachen.

First came to this mosque, sounded looks very cramped and old. Feeling in the old stone house. The stairs from the ground floor and a narrow snaking. Just enough for one person. In stark contrast to other mosques we have ever attended before. They are wider and contains more worshipers.

Our study sometimes carried out in the classroom on the ground floor or the first floor meeting room. There is a kitchen on the ground floor complete circuitry and eating utensils. So that we can use when there is a bite to eat during the study.

After digging deeper into this than Wikipedia, then we know that Bilal Mosque Aachen is the second oldest mosque still standing in Germany. Planned since 1958, and was built between the years 1966 to 1968. Originally built without a tower. Planners is the RWTH Aachen, Prof.. Steinbach and Gernot Kramer. Construction funds come from Muslim students and aid from other countries such as Mali, Indonesia, Malaysia, Persian and some Arab countries. City of Aachen alone contributes 10 thousand mark. In 1979 founded Islamische Zentrum Aachen (IZA / Islamic Center Aachen) and became manager of this mosque.

Previously, only the prayer hall with a capacity of 150 to 180 people. Perhaps because of the number of pilgrims was too much. In 1979 the expansion of the mosque do so can carry up to 600 worshipers pray (including room for 100 worshipers praying woman on the first floor). Besides being used for prayers and other religious activities, in this mosque there is a class studying Islam at the end of the week as well as Arabic language courses.


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