Beauty of Relationship Brotherhood Mosque Tallinn, Estonia

Beauty of Relationship Brotherhood Mosque Tallinn. As soon as we arrived in the capital of Estonia, Tallinn, we immediately visited the local mosque. When looking for information on a house of worship on this one, we found it's not up to five hundred meters from the airport. And we got there before noon. So there's still a chance to visit before continuing the journey to the city center.

Off the plane, looks sunny day in Tallinn. At the same time, the wind blowing hard hit along with the cold body. Armed with a map of the city from the airport information, we rushed to the mosque. Walking against the wind carrying our big backpacks. Thank God because not far away, just past the parking area of ​​the airport, we immediately tough of a building located at Keevise 9, Tallinn. The complex of buildings similar to the box office. It says Tural Islamic Cultural Center on one side of the wall. So we did that mosque Tallinn is located in this building.
Beauty of Relationship Brotherhood Mosque Tallinn.

Exterior door unlocked. We go in, save the sister in front of the train. There is one door and stairs leading to the top. We saw a collection of books on Islam in a rack near the stairs in the Estonian language and English. The books are free. His mother has not-yet been amazed. In areas such as Estonia minimal Muslims, they can provide a lot of free information.

A man peered over the top of the stairs, say hello. Let us just went up. The mosque is located on the first floor. The man was showing the place of ablution. Sister straight into mosques. Apparently he saw some toys in there. We pray tahiyatul mosque. And looking through the mosque. Thick red carpets and soft. The room for these prayers can accommodate approximately two hundred worshipers. In one corner there be some children's toys. Sister enjoyed being there. At the back there are benches. And in one part there is a fireplace. Complete all. Thank God in this town they already have a place of worship with tolerable facility.

Soon, a man named Muhammad who we know had invited us into the living room. He and one other father named Imran preparing snacks and asked what we wanted to drink. The kids quickly devoured cereal and milk. We talked while drinking tea and eating dishes they suguhkan. Ah, only this time we were treated when visiting mosques datu outside Germany.

While enjoying the food, we talk about Islam in Estonia. Muhammad was an immigrant from Morocco. While Imran Estonia native origin. Most Muslims are Muslim Tatar origin. According to them, the development of the number of Muslims in the country is fairly rapid. Berislam spirit was getting more and more obvious. If about 5 years ago that only two people Friday prayers, can now reach more than 100 people. Mashallah. Alhamdulillah, even this building belonged to them. They have a priest. A Muslim Tatar who had studied in Mecca. On the ground floor of the mosque there is a shop to sell halal meat. Muhammad said, they are halal chicken imports from other countries. Meanwhile, beef and mutton, they get to slaughter their own. Besides a prayer room, mosque also have all classrooms and internet facilities. His mother had the opportunity to see the other rooms in the mosque.

How nice to see our brothers and sisters in a foreign land. Unfortunately did not have a long time. At left, Imran asked us to come again if the chance. But we can not meet again when we were in Tallinn.


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