Beautiful Souvenirs from Travelling Morocco

Beautiful Souvenirs from Travelling Morocco. Souvenirs are important elements as a memento of a trip we've ever done. Our first love postcard collection and unique trinkets for display in a glass cabinet. After a long time had no glass cabinet, knick-knacks are kept somewhere along the line, the love mini souvenir reduced. Move to refrigerator magnets. After a friend displaying a special board fridge magnet in her living room.
In Morocco, for some reason we were not interested in the standard souvenirs we've bought. The beginning did not even think of buying anything for take home.
Fes, it turns out is leather production centers in Morocco. Bags, jackets, shoes, and various knick-knacks leather sold relatively cheaply. Mr. interested in buying a leather jacket. Brothers alhamdulillah student has a dealer network of leather jackets. So the father was getting the ideal jacket at bargain prices. According to a sister who understands the ins and outs of leather, leather goods in the country has excellent quality. You could say the number one was the one, he said. We believe. For according to information, the leather here has been going on for hundreds of years.
In Moulay Idriss Zerhoun, we fell in love with local olives. It was not the usual canned olives seasam we bought in Germany. More natural. Its color varies from green, pink, to purple. Its texture is soft. Salinity was low. When Pak driver bought at a dealer, we had a pound. Although later regret, why too little to buy.
In front of a mosque Qarawiyyin Old Father endlessly hento offer Moroccan fez for children to us. From the beginning we went up and then we go out, he determined once. Make our hearts moved to buy. The price is not expensive. Although younger students said slightly more expensive than in the other markets. We think the sister would like to wear. Apparently not. Now a semi display at home.
The last day in Morocco, we entered the market in Fes el Jedid. Where the clothes stalls displaying beautiful-beautiful kaftan. Turn to the Embak who like and want to buy. Assisted by a younger student, we negotiate with multiple dealers, before finally deciding to buy a beautiful robe made Embak costing around 15 euros only. Embak will love her dress. His mother also actually want. However, if it was supposed to buy children's sizes. Because the size of the adult size is too long and slender.


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