Beautiful Beach Pleasure in Cuxhaven

Beautiful beach pleasure in Cuxhaven. Although no coastline along our homeland, Germany had the beach resort on the north and east of the country. Beach tourism in the country, is rather different from the other beaches. Different types of beaches. On the north coast, for example, sloping beach form sea area which is heavily influenced by the tides. People here call it Wattenmeer. Every day happened twice ups and downs twice in Wattenmeer. Well because skillful coastal and ocean areas is very gentle, then at low tide, the shoreline will widen very much in the direction of the sea. The distance from the shoreline sesuangguhnya, can reach one kilometer. People can walk around here heading towards the open sea. Basic beach Wattenmeer like mud. The color is dark. Very mushy when crushed. Along the sea floor we will meet, shellfish, marine insects, small fish, and marine worms.

And most of the northern coast Wattenmeer Germany has become a national park. As a conservation variety of birds and marine animals. The extent of 9000 square kilometers, is 450 kilometers long and up to 40 kilometers wide. This is the widest in the world Wattenmeer. In this unique national park people can take a walking tour specifically named Wattwanderung. These include cheap tour. Can be done by yourself or use the services of a guide.
Beautiful beach pleasure in Cuxhaven.

Cuxhaven is a small town on the north coast of Germany which is famous as one of the pleasure beach. In summer, people will come in droves. Both tourists daily, and those who stay for days off fatigue here. Daily tourists will be more to come when the sun shines brightly.
Beautiful beach pleasure in Cuxhaven, i like it.

Twice the family travelers visited Cuxhaven. There are actually two beaches where sunbathing in the city, namely Dünen and Dose. Dünen more crowded and the sand on the beaches purih longer. So we prefer Dünen. First family. Both young family with our friends from the UK. From Bremerhaven, just an hour by train economies. Plus the city bus to the beach.

Dünen is a tourist area with lots of lodging. Big, small, cheap to very expensive. In some places there are also places for those interested camper. In addition to the hotel, there are many supporting facilities such as restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops, vending equipment such as beach swimsuit, beach jacket, etc..

Log in to the white sandy beach, everyone is required to pay. Not expensive. About 2 euros per person. Children are cheaper. Just like other Wattenmeer beaches, sand beach in Cuxhaven original colorless white. Rather dark black. The white sand was imported by ship from the ocean floor in particular. Each year, the sand will be cleaned. Knowing this, we were amazed dna grateful. how lucky our country. Got the white sandy beaches of the original and very beautiful.

Usually we rent a beach basket or bring their own beach tent. Otherwise, there would be no shelter. At low tide, we walked toward the open sea or building sandcastles on the beach. At high tide, Mr. and Embak usually bathe in the sea with other people. Actually the scene here is not too good for the eyes. Children, young and old, wearing a bikini. The Germans themselves are usually just lazing on the beach or sunbathing when not swimming. Or perform activities such as playing catch flying saucers and badminton. Thus the atmosphere of a beach in the country in the summer.


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