Bad News, Fly From Germany Will More Expensive

Bad News, Fly From Germany Will More Expensive. The German government imposed a tax on the purchase of tickets, both domestic and international flights from January 1, 2011. Because taxes will be charged to the passengers, ticket prices would be felt more and more expensive.

Rapid determination of the tax, so the surprise German aviation. Soon after it was announced, the country's aviation soon give criticism. They worry that, with the implementation of tax, passengers will be reduced. Because they would prefer to fly from countries around Germany to get a cheaper ticket price. Some of the judge, the application of this tax will bring harm to the German government. For if the passenger is reduced, jobs will also be automatically shrunk. Particularly in the field of aviation and tourism.


But there are also ynag welcome. Especially for environmentalists. Because the enactment of tax, then people will think about it for a plane ticket. So the volume of air will decrease. This means that aircraft emissions will also be reduced. Good for the environment.
Bad News, Fly From Germany Will More Expensive.

Planned, starting in 2011, with a flight radius of 2500 kilometers, will be taxed at 8 euros each way. For medium distances over 2500 miles, tax 25 euro. For flights to North and South America, Southeast Asia and Australia, tax 45 euro.


It feels completely different fares if the tax was imposed. Moreover, our family with 4 members. For short-haul flights, we had to add 32 euro one way, 64 euros pp. Amount of money has meant to us. We also intend to look for alternatives in neighboring countries in order to get cheaper tickets.


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