Aura Festivities at The Lantern Festival in November

Aura festivities at the Lantern Festival in November.There is a special day in November, especially for elementary school children and kindergarten Germany in general. Now in the second week of this month there is a festival lanterns in almost every elementary school and kindergarten.

We know this tradition when Embak start kindergarten in Bremerhaven first. At first we did not know. Then the teacher suddenly told that we had to bring satiu lanterns for the festival. And then two days before the event. Fortunately, lanterns and lamps fueled battery could be bought in the nearest supermarket. We were given a stock list of songs themed lanterns. In the day we met rmbongan Nursery children and their parents in one place. We sang together while carrying lanterns into kindergarten where there are more exciting events. For example, there is a dance from his kindergarten muris and bonfires where people can bake bread. The school also sells cookies and warm drinks.


In Duren, the city where both families live now, and the Rhineland in general, as the festival is dedicated to a saint named St. benevolent. Martin. He was fond of helping the poor and the needy. Many people call it a festival St. Martin.
Aura festivities at the Lantern Festival in November, I like it.

At the festival St. Martin's, people can order bread St. Martin called weckmann. On the day, parents and children carrying lanterns, mostly homemade. Then drive around in the streets around the school singing. There was music and a man walked in the front menunggung Kudan. Describing St. Martin. Thereafter the participants will be great around the campfire and receive rations weckmann respectively.


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