Astounding, BMW 5 Series and 7 So Taxi Super Exclusive in Malaysia

Astounding, BMW 5 Series and 7 So Taxi Super exclusive, in Malaysia
BMW Group Malaysia recently "let go" Series 7 and Series 5 for a taxi fleet Sunlight Limousines, luxury car rental companies and limousine biggest neighbor country. Both will be leased for a taxi or limousine rental company large or multiple large-scale state enterprises.

Dr. Gerhard Pils, Marketing Director of BMW Group Malaysia, said the words that the choice of Sunlight to BMW as a limousine rental is a form of trust in a brand. "Quality in this case maximum comfort, fuel efficiency, and ease of service is a key to business success in large quantities limousine rental (fleet)," he said.


Problem rates, Sunlight Limousine peg RM 250-450 (equivalent to Rp 780 thousand - USD 1.5 million) for transportation from and to the airport. For regular rates range between 240-4500 RM (about USD 750 thousand - Rp 14 million) with a choice of rent by the hour, daily, to monthly. If you need a driver, has provided reliable power that have been through specialized training, including understanding the advanced features of the BMW 7 Series and 5 Series.
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