Astaghfirullah Fate of Former Mosque in Thessaloniki

Astaghfirullah fate of former mosque in Thessaloniki. The remains of Turkish and Islamic glory on earth Thessaloniki, Greece, is still stuck in part. Buildings such as mosques and Turkish baths, we can still see the scar to this day. Of the many mosques that once stood in this city, at least two are still visible forms, namely Alaza Imaret and Hamza Bey.

Unfortunately it's a shame they are currently only a 'former' mosque. No longer functioned and its designation. Just be building almost collapsed. Unkempt.


Alaza Imaret we accidentally found his way home birth of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Located in the upper village of Thessaloniki, sedkit we must climb in order to get there. Built in 1487 by Ishak Pasha, Alaza Imaret still looks solid. It's right in the middle of a ghetto. Thessaloniki city government seems to have no intention of making this historic building as one of their assets. Invisible efforts to restore or clean it. So the former mosque is covered with wild trees. The front is even so the car park residents. And partly a hangout young children there.


Hamza Bey Mosque better fate. Located on a protocol Thessaloniki, Egnatia, the building is now being renovated by the local government. For the sake of history and tourism. Seeing the shape, Hamza Bey does look much bigger than Alaza Imaret. Hamza Bey Mosque is one of the first to be built since the fall of Constantinople to the Turks in the 15th century BC. Hopefully Hamza Bey could have been reinvented as the original form. And we had the opportunity to visit it again.


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