Around Europe Using Inter-City Bus Services, Inter-Country in Europe

Around Europe Using Inter-City Bus Services, Inter-Country in Europe. Not all countries as a means of making the most important railroad in the country. In Greece, Spain and Portugal we have ever visited, inter-city bus plays no less important. Even in the countries of Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Baltics. Our first well was surprised to hear my friend from Eastern Europe prefer to ride the bus if my native country.

Instead of a plane more quickly, asked Mother one day.
Around Europe Using Inter-City Bus Services, Inter-Country in Europe, Wow amazing.

Indeed, said a friend from Poland. But I can take a bus from Bremerhaven to a small town in northern Poland where he was born there. Sixteen-an-hour. No need complicated ride down other vehicles, he explained.
Around Europe Using Inter-City Bus Services, Inter-Country in Europe, What are you interested in using?

We will travel to the Baltic in the autumn vacation of 2009 and plans to visit two cities in two countries, namely Latvia and Lithuania, of course, we must seek information connecting the two vehicles. According to google, there is also a train but it is very slow. the maximum speed is only about 60 km / h. Bus bit more expensive, but faster. And feeder roads have also been built very well.

At least two bus companies have been selling their tickets online, Ecolines and Eurolines. Bus company Eurolines is enormous, touching nearly every country in Europe. To route Kaunas (Lithuania) - Riga (Latvia), Eurolines ticket prices a few euros more expensive. So we choose Ecolines only. Ticket price for an adult is 16 euros each way, children 9 euro.

Actually we had bought bus tickets Kaunas - Riga pp. However, because of the weather when it is not supported, so we tunpangan Ryanair plane could not land in Kaunas that day, but moved to Riga. So we cancel the first ticket. Replace it with a one-way ticket Riga - Kaunas. Nullification very easy way, we stayed with a specific code texted to the number giving them tickets.

At ten o'clock in the morning, after checking out of the lodge, we rushed to the bus station. It is in the center of Riga, not far from the central railway station and the main market is the capital of Latvia.

We arrived at the terminal platform is about half an hour before the scheduled bus departure. Terminal crowded, but orderly. Initially we were a bit confused. We ask other passengers who do not know, if the bus is going through Kaunas or not. Most of them want to go to Warsaw. Queue length, and we decided to come in line.

A female officer at the front door of the bus could speak German very well. He checked tickets, passport and told us that we needed a visa. His mother was a bit strange. Latvia has entered a Schengen member for about two years. It should no checks visa to enter Lithuania, the other Schengen members. Visas and luggage delivery to the back of the bus over. We got into the bus at the top level. In accordance with our seat numbers. Close to the English-speaking youth group, either where they come from.

Bus bench quite comfortable. Rests can be adjusted to be more relaxed. The position of the bench can be moved so as not to get too close to the passenger door. Apparently, due to the long-checking affair tickets, passport and luggage arrangements, new buses running 20 minutes later than scheduled.

On the way, the woman officer around again, explaining to every passenger of things related to our trip. He introduced his name, the name of the driver, explaining the location and use of the rules of the toilet, as well as ordering food and beverage on the bus.

Baltic states have very little population in each country. Lithuania, for example, only inhabited by about 3 million people. Thirty to forty percent of the area is still forested. That's why we rarely meet with the city or residential areas during the trip. there are forests and agricultural areas. Kinda boring.

Towards the entry of Lithuania, there is one more inspection by officers. They were alone. A mother bear body trunk control, and the father of passport control officer. He just glanced at our passports respectively.

Bus stopped twice for ascending down passengers. Our total long journey that day was nearly five hours. fortunately our children Arm some toys and snacks. So they do not look bored. If you want to get around Eastern Europe, lived just check the bus schedule in these countries.


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