Apply 4 Easy Tips to Get Slim and Sexy Body

Apply 4 Easy Tips to Get Slim and Sexy Body
 What woman does not want to have a sexy and slim body? To get it would take some effort, one of which is physical exercise. Here are four physical exercise that you can do to get her sexy body as reported by the Live Strong.

1. Cardio exercise
In addition to good heart health, cardio exercise is also very good for burning fat in the body. Do cardio exercises such as kickboxing, dancing, running, walking, or jumping on a trampoline for 30 minutes to 60 minutes per day to reduce unwanted fat.

2. Strength Training
Toned muscles not only look sexy, but also improve your metabolism and help burn fat. To gain lean muscle, you can use a dumbbell to exercise or a good push up for training shoulders, arms, and chest as well. Start doing 3 sets of exercises with a count of 10 times each of his sets. Along with increasing your strength, increase or multiply weight training session.

3. Brief exercise

If you do not have much time to go to the gym, do physical exercise does not take long at home regularly. Exercises such as squats, sit ups, and crunches can be useful to the body like cardio or strength training workout in a short time.

4. yoga
Not only useful for improving mood and reducing stress, yoga can also make your body stronger and toning the muscles. To start yoga, you can start with beginner movements like Downward Dog or Side Crane. If you do not want to learn themselves, list yourself to a yoga class led by professional teachers.



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