Apple iPhone 5 More Environmentally Friendly Than The Samsung Galaxy S III?

Apple iPhone 5 More Environmentally Friendly than the Samsung Galaxy S III?
From research conducted by HealthyStuff.org working with web iFixit, known that the iPhone 5 is more environmentally friendly than the Samsung Galaxy S III.

iFixit gives the ranking with a value from 0 to 5. Number 0 means that the device is made with a composition that is not harmful to the environment, while a score of 5 means that the device is composed of a material that is very harmful to the environment, such as lead, bromine, and mercury at high concentrations.

Quoted from 9to5Mac, the iPhone 5 has a value of 2.75, while the Samsung Galaxy S III has 2.99 points.

iFixit enter the iPhone 5 in the green zone, while the Samsung Galaxy S III is in the yellow zone.iphone5_hscheman

Indeed, the iPhone 5 is made from materials such as lead and mercury that are harmful to the environment. However, the amount of harmful content is not too high.

The results of this study as to prove Apple's commitment to reduce harmful substances in its products.

From these studies, it is known that the iPhone 2G on the basis of a list of "the concentration of materials that are not environmentally friendly" with a maximum value, which is 5, while the next iPhone was in the danger zone to the value of 3.91.

Apple began to prove their commitment to the iPhone 4S. The device is even more environmentally friendly than the iPhone 5. iPhone 4S has a value of 2.69.

To determine the chemical composition used by these devices, researchers from HealthyStuff.org using X-ray technology fluorescense spectrometry.

iFixit and HealthyStuff.org compare 36 smartphones in their research this.

Both sites named Motorola Citrus as the most eco-friendly smartphone with a value of 2.56.

Each year, there are 130 million cell phones are discarded by their owners. It turns out, of that number, only about 8 percent of devices that can be recycled. The rest, only to be environmentally harmful waste.


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