Apparently Easily Bring Cannibal Corpse and Soulfly In Concert Big

Apparently Easily bring Cannibal Corpse and Soulfly In Concert Big

In the near future, Indonesia will be heavily battered loud concert band, namely Soulfly and Cannibal Corpse. Revision Promoters Entertainment, holder of two lavatory, claiming no trouble to bring them.

"Nothing ever is hard, anyway. Soulfly too. Maybe they heard us successful title Hammersonic Festival yesterday," said Ravel, owner Revision Entertainment, told Tempo, Monday, August 27, 2012.


Besides there is no specific terms and conditions required, the negotiation process to each of the artist's management always run smoothly. He said, did not take long to get certainty. "To confirm, just a week," he said.


Cannibal Corpse will hold a concert in the Square East Parking Senayan, Jakarta, October 12, 2012. Nine days later, the audience will be re-burned by Soulfly music cadasnya Square D Senayan, Jakarta.


Cannibal Corpse and Soulfly is a band that had a different birth era. Cannibal Corpse became active in 1988, while Soulfly in 1997. Even so, the guitar player and vocalist Soulfly, Max Cavalera, not a long time. He is the founder and former personnel of the legendary thrash metal band from Brazil, Sepultura. Sepultura in early November will be on tour in five cities in Indonesia.



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