Alternative Cheap Flight to Istanbul

Alternative Cheap Flight to Istanbul. We've long wanted to visit the Muslim-majority countries. Such as Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisa, etc.. Since it did not enter the area and their location relatively far from Germany, flying to these countries is certainly expensive for us.

To Turkey (Istanbul) for example. Cheapest tickets we've found through the website Germanwings is around 500 euros pp for 2 adults and 2 children under 12 years. To Morocco with Ryanair about 600 euro foursome. Not cheap at all for us. To Tunisia and Egypt more expensive. Of all of them, except for Morocco, we still have to think about additional costs for visa visit. Sometimes there's also, cheap packages from travel agents. But time did not correspond to our children's school vacation schedule.
Alternative Cheap Flight to Istanbul.

Spend a day and then when back to check ticket prices to several cities in Morocco on the Ryanair site, we found that there was a Ryanair routes from Brussels (Charleroi) to several cities in Morocco. Looking for more information about the Charleroi airport, we found the fact that at the airport there are several other low-cost carrier, with the goal of North Africa, the Middle East and Turkey. Of particular interest is the airline jet4you and Jetairfly. Both are Belgian airline, children perusaaan Tui tourism.

Jet4you many offers cheap tickets to the Middle East and North Africa. But many of the Paris Orly airport. While there Jetairfly offers flights to Istanbul. When we try to enter flight route Brussels (Charleroi) - Istanbul, exit price of less than 300 euros. Wow, when added to ticket Düren - Charleroi any price is still cheaper than if we took Germanwings. For those who live in western Germany, especially in the western state of North Rhine Westphalia and the Netherlands, these alternatives may be considered. Moreover, the train travel time from Düren - Brussels and Düren - Frankfurt (am Main) is approximately the same, which is about 2 hour's. Importantly, bookmark first


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