Ahead of Release Galaxy S III Mini, iPad Mini Showcase Yourself

Ahead of Release Galaxy S III Mini, iPad Mini Showcase Yourself

 In a few hours, is believed to be the Samsung Galaxy S III unmasked Mini at an event in Germany. On the other hand, Apple did not lose coverage universe graced with the emergence of technology the iPad Mini.

Indeed, news about the small sized iPad is not made directly by Apple. But through leakage, seepage images wara-Wiri in cyberspace, especially Twitter and Instagram.

Display device that is believed to be the iPad Mini is seen more clearly. Starting from the charger to the socket size when juxtaposed with the original iPad.

Reported Nydailynews, charger jack is said to have brought lightning dock that has so far been used by the iPhone 5.

It is known that the person who took the pictures iPad Mini was named Sonny Dickson. But unfortunately, he did not give further details about the new Apple device. Dickson seemed to deliberately make the observer wonder gadget.

News of the presence of the iPad Mini is already crowded discussed after the launch of iPhone 5. According to the Guardian, the tablet PC will carry a 7.8 inch or almost 2 inches smaller than the original iPad which comes with 9.7-inch screen.

There is also a mention that the iPad Mini will only be offered in the WiFi version. On the other hand, the selling price is also believed to be more skewed than the iPad that had been circulating at the same time to challenge the Amazon Kindle tablet.

On the other hand, had confirmed the presence of Samsung Galaxy S III Mini. "We will launch the Galaxy S III 4 inch on October 11 in Germany. There are many requests 4 inch screen device in Europe," said JK Shin, head of Samsung Mobile Communications.

"Some call it the entry level, but we call them 'mini'," added Shin quoted from Android Authority.

Very interesting indeed to see how Apple and Samsung are racing to release a flagship product frills 'mini'.

Indeed, the two devices are not head-to-head in the market. However, the future history pembesutnya vendor competition, this would be like spices heat up the competition for the two giants.

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