Adventure to Small Island Helgoland, German

Adventure to Small Island Helgoland, German. Small but important. That Helgoland, a small island on the German North Sea. Cluster of small islands covering an area less than 2 square miles, has a strategic function. Some nations had become ruler here in the past. Located about 70 kilometers from mainland Germany, in the present, Helgoland is the only place tax-free shopping in the country.

Utilizing low roads of the campus in Bremerhaven, family travelers (minus brother) has visited the island four times the mini Helgoland. All four had a distinct impression.
Adventure to Small Island Helgoland, German, I like it.

Green land, the color red cliffs and white sand color. Similarly, people describe the colors in this tiny island. Describing red sandstone cliffs which became his trademark, green grass on the main island and the small island of white sand known as Duene.

Helgoland is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Germany. Each year, this tiny island visited by no less than 600 thousand people. In summer, most of them arriving by ferry from several cities in the North Coast such as Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Cuxhaven, and Husum. In winter, the island is only reachable by plane and ferry special.

All who want to enjoy an unforgettable experience along the north shore can use special ferries passengers, before getting to the rugged island red horizon. Ship Atlantis mengngkut travelers from Bremerhaven to Helgoland example. This ship can accommodate up to a thousand passengers every day. The ship functioned for seven days a week during the months of May to September. Inside was a restaurant, children's playground, and a small souvenir shop.
Arriving at the port, the travelers were greeted with an atmosphere different from the German mainland. Form, Helgoland houses more patterned Scandinavia. Fresh breeze greets every visitor. No wonder, because Helgoland not know the environment. Air is the cleanest in the entire Germany. On this island, banned vehicles enabled. That there is a battery-fueled vehicles.

Since ancient times, Helgoland known as sea baths. Many allergy sufferers do sanitarium in the island because of its clean air. Formerly, most of the islanders as a search-eyed fish finder and ship captain. Currently, most of the population of around 1650 people living from tourism.

Helgoland consists of two small islands covering each 1 and 0.7 square kilometers. Connecting the two islands naturally devastated by the storm in 1720. Currently, the two are connected by a small ferry. The main island consists of two levels, the lower mainland and over, with a height difference of about 60 meters. Lower Mainland met hotel, inn, restaurant and many shops. There's also a post office, town hall and museum. Over more land filled with shops and homes of local residents. A small island called Duene has a small airstrip and a place to shower and sunbathing.

Island destinations have many things to be enjoyed. Starting the natural beauty, flora and fauna, to the places tax-free shopping. Helgoland prepared himself as a tourist island four musim.Di spring and autumn, full of attractions around the island of bird migration. Even in winter, the region with the highest levels of oxygen and iodine in Germany is perfect visited those who want to go for a cure in the temperate regions of the ocean.

Standard activities of daily visitors usually is one way around the top of the island, eating fish sandwiches, and use the remaining time for shopping. The road around the island is one of the favorite activities of visitors. If you want, we can even walk while learning the history of Helgoland to read the writing on the stone numbered 16 are scattered around the island. Most preferred route is the road on the east side of the island, through the sea fauna aquarium and research center named Biologische Anstalt Helgoland old. The road is made of concrete dual function. Both for pedestrians and cars. On both sides looked a flower garden or lawn. On the left side-lined streets inn inn with bright colors. Blue, green, red. Refreshing eye.


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