Adventure Fish Market Hamburg, Germany

Adventure Fish Market Hamburg, Germany. If you are visiting Hamburg, and did not have any plans on Sunday morning, try to come to Hamburg Fish Market Fischmarkt alias. But do not be late, because the market has officially opening hours between the hours of 5 and a half ten in the morning. In winter (October 1 to March 31), open from seven in the morning. Besides being a place to hunt marine products, as well as other foods such as vegetables and fruits, Fischmarkt has been known as one of the tourist magnet inside and outside Germany.

Fischmarkt Hamburg opened every week, in all seasons, a street named Grossen Elbstrasse across the fish auction building near the St.. Pauli. Public transport users could use the S-Bahn (train) numbered S1 and S3 to stop Reeperbahn, plus about ten minutes' walk. If using an underground tram (metro / U-Bahn), use the U3 number. Landungsbruecke off at the stop, and walked ten menitan. There are also bus number 112 to get there. amazing Adventure Fish Market Hamburg, Germany.

The fish market has a long history. He has been around since 1703 in the town of Altona. Basic ynag very early opening hours are easily damaged fish in ancient times, so they sell before going to church at ten o'clock. In 1896, fish auction hall built in the shape of a basilica, where merchants sell through the instrumentality of fish to the public. Starting about 1930, the fish traders to move their goods near the fish factories and warehouses in the west cooling the fish auction hall. For reasons of practicality. Currently the fish no longer come directly traded and fresh from the sea. But mostly in a state of frozen fish port in the box cars. The fish market has now lost its function as a place to fish trade. But rather as an alternative to shopping for locals and visitors only.

Locals meet the daily needs of a day here at bargain prices. For the tourists, Fischmarkt brings a unique experience. Start the bustle of the merchants offering wares and woo potential buyers, to a variety of goods sold by them. Each year, the fish market is visited by no less than 5 million people. Historic fish auction hall is also open during the market place. The sound of music from a variety of angles accompany those who want to enjoy a meal and a drink on the benches of the food merchants. Many foods department of fish or other marine extracts. Also typical German sausages and other types of food. Visitors disco, and party-night fast, often stopped here to continue the fun event.

Many other items for sale in addition to fresh fish, smoked fish and processed fish. Fruit, vegetables, flowers, clothes, candles, porcelain ornaments also we will meet. Sometimes there are also sellers of live animals, cheese, and eggs. Everything at bargain prices. Moreover, if we are good at bargaining.

During his stay in the north of Germany, the new one we visited Hamburg fish market. Group with some college friends. In the winter anyway. Heavy snow and cold accompanied us that day. In order to get there, we had to use the train in the morning from Bremerhaven.

Because cold and snow, not a lot of traders in the day. We only met a few traders fruit and vegetables as well as some cars fishmonger. The crowd was not booming. Most fruits and vegetables are sold very cheap. We bought a large box of mangoes. And some types of fish and fresh squid. His mother only knew mackerel fish. The rest did not know. Before long we were there, terikan traders sounded increasingly crowded. Almost all go on sale before the market closes. The police had taken and told the traders to immediately close their outlets. Our purchases and weighs quite a lot at the end of the visit. Shortly after the market open ended, many scavengers and people take a lot of fruits and vegetables are still good. The stuff that does not sell many apparently abandoned by the traders in the special collection.


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