Adventure Climb Towards the Dragon Palace in Bonn

Adventure Climb Towards the Dragon Palace in Bonn. The end of the winter weather has not warmed up to make us resistant to reproduce outings. This time we have chosen is not too far from home. Ie, toward a small town near Bonn called Bonn.

The small town is well known in western Germany because it has a beautiful palace called Drachenburg aka Dragon Palace. Because of its beauty, many have dubbed as Neuschwanstein on the edge of the Rhine. Neuschwanstein is like a fairytale castle in the Alps, the state of Bavaria. Built in just two years, he stood in 1884. The owner was Baron Stephan von Sarter, a banker and stockbroker rich. After it changed owners and functions several times, the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia protected as a monument, museum, and renovating and making it one of the tourist attractions in western Germany. A package with these attractions are the ruins of the fort named Drachenfels, about 15 minutes' walk above Drachenburg.
Adventure Climb Towards the Dragon Palace in Bonn.

Tourist visitor's personal vehicle can not be parked near the palace. But at the foot of the hill, near the train station particular, under an overpass. A special train ticket prices are expensive according to our size. Four children and their stroller around 25 euro pp (up and down). If you go up or down, just a tiny fraction of that is adrift about 21 euro. We chose to walk. On one board called instructions that walk the length of about 30 minutes.

Rise Initially it was very steep. Just a few steps, we've pant-pant's and take frequent rest breaks. Rise after seterjal not the first. When stopped, looked beautiful scenery banks of the Rhine until a few skyscrapers in the city of Bonn. The day was pretty sunny, all look indah.konigswinter

Less than half an hour, we had reached the palace complex Drachenburg. Not as big as the previous Emak shadow. Much smaller in size than Neuschwanstein. But looks magnificent and visited quite a lot of tourists. We spun through gerabng great. Much is being renovated and enclosed iron fence. We thought because of renovations. We just photographing the front a bit and buy souvenirs in the shop once a cafe in front of the palace.

According to the information of a friend, in the garden of the palace was deliberately iron fence. Those who want to enter the park and part of the palace, to pay riket go first. As long as there is actually a bit disappointed because we were not able to get a photo with satisfactory results. We also did not continue on foot to the ruins of Drachenfels. Not allowed to climb there with the child stroller. What a pity!


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