Adrenaline Challenge With Nature Exploration in Ob Maubach

Adrenaline Challenge With Nature Exploration in Ob Maubach. Spring has arrived. The flowers are blooming. The leaves begin to grow again. The trees are starting to look lush green. Heard the sound of birds singing every morning. Spring time weather is quite friendly. Warm and rainy rare. The right time for refreshment outdoors.

This year, several times we traveled nature. Both near and far from home. Where we lived not too far from the National Park Eifel anyway. One of the largest national parks in Germany. We were not going to run out of ideas or places to tour of nature here.
Adrenaline Challenge With Nature Exploration in Ob Maubach.

The idea for the roaming nature, sometimes we planned far in advance. Or suddenly. Like a trip to this Obermaubach. Located at the end of the national park Eifel, Obermaubach known as the village dam. Not too big, but because it is located in the mountains, so it looks beautiful. This place is also pretty well known for those who like to walk far in nature or Wanderung's German language.

because it comes on during the day, it's rather difficult to find parking here. Moreover, the weather Sunday was sunny and warm. The people we met there mostly wearing backpacks, shoes and sticks Wanderung. cafes and diner look very crowded. We walked across the bridge over the lake, past the train station, then up into the hills where there is a children's playground. Since there is no preparation for the venture, we just followed the instructions in there alone. We develop strategies and objectives when children play.

Not hard to do Wanderung here. Most of the existing routes and hard the road width. There was a problem with the train Wanderung children. Except in the area ynag only path. Forests in this area still be harvested and used wood. We see a lot of special road transport vehicles and timber loggers. On the route we passed, many mountain biking or horse riding. The sister was pleased to see the horse dung splattered on most roads.

That day, we walked about 7 to 8 miles for about 2.5 hours. Including breaks. Initially very uphill road. Then we were in the neck hill. Below the dam the water looks. And in the distance is the villages and pine forests as well as other parts of the national park Eifel. It's easy Wanderung route followed. That no stray event. The Embak, our first son was very excited with nature like this. In observing various kinds of trees, listening to the sound of various birds, read the information on forests and national parks, meghitung age of a tree, looking at a variety of insects and much more. In addition to refreshing the mind, exercise, is also full of knowledge.


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