Adobe Acrobat XI Showcase New Features Responsive

Adobe Acrobat XI Showcase New Features Responsive
Adobe launches Acrobat XI the claimed software will answer the challenges of an increasingly complex documents. This software also comes with a series of promised new features.

The products included in this release starting XI Acrobat Pro, Acrobat Standard and Adobe Reader XI XI. Adobe said, increased productivity and cost inefficiencies of challenges due to documents highlighted in the White Paper reports that recent global IDC.

A company with 1,000 employees is considered to be the cost of productivity amounted to USD 15.9 million per year. Overcoming these inefficiencies would be equivalent to hiring an additional 213 people.

"The increasing complexity of the work is never urgent as it is now. Along with the growing number of mobile devices and the use of cloud services, information workers should be empowered to work more effectively with documents anywhere, on any device," said Melissa Webster, program vice president at IDC.

According to the IDC White Paper, information workers spend about 15 hours a week to check and approve the document.

In a telephone poll, about 900 information workers in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, are carried out by external bodies Adobe document to understand the types of activities the most dominant in the workplace, it was found that about 60% of them answered that they work with documents to facilitate reviewed by several parties.

"More and more information is produced, shared and used in documents than ever before," said Kevin M. Lynch, SVP and GM Acrobat and Adobe Document Services.

"Working with our online PDF collaborative review and signature is the daily standard for professional workers who used only the content creators. Departments should support these changes and still maintain and maximize the use of existing infrastructure and systems," he continued in a written statement on Wednesday (10/17/2012).

Well, this condition is being targeted to expand the use of Adobe products. The following new features and improvements made that can be found in Adobe Acrobat XI:

-. Editing a PDF file, modify the paragraphs, pictures, and objects just by click and drag (click and drag) using the Edit Text and Images tool. Organize and visually combine content and multiple documents into a single PDF file, while retaining the authenticity of the source file.

-. The increase in mobile capabilities. Working with PDF files on the tablet and smart phones with Adobe Reader a touch-friendly to annotate and add comments, as well as fill out, sign, and save the form.

-. Save the PDF document as a document of PowerPoint, Word or Excel or reusing some parts or all of the PDF files as Microsoft Office documents and Web pages without retyping. Rearranging paragraphs without changing the format.

-. Increased protection of all PDF files created from Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and Excel to help prevent menyalinan, edit, or print without permission.

Acrobat XI and related products scheduled to be released to the market within 30 days. The price of Acrobat Standard XI estimated Rp 2,982,470 and Rp Acrobat Pro XI estimated 4,473,706. While the 30-day trial of Acrobat Pro will be available at the time of product delivery.

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