A portrait of the German Coast Village Esens-Bensersiel

A portrait of the German Coast Village Esens-Bensersiel. Almost no beach was used as tourist attractions in Germany. so although not too long coastline, would we find a lot of beach locations in the country. In the warm season, places like this will be crowded visitors. To relax enjoy the clean and fresh air in times of vacation beaches.

With a semester of student tickets in Bremerhaven first, we could drive free here. Catch the train to Bremen, spliced ​​into Oldenburg, Sande. Then take a bus to the beach Bensersiel.
A portrait of the German Coast Village Esens-Bensersiel.

Bensersiel is one of the resort. There is no industrial area here. So that includes clean air.

We got off at the stop near the ferry terminal. We see a ferry was full of passengers, ready to go. We went to the ticket sales also want to cross to Langeoog, a small island not far from Bensersiel. But the day was too late. Unfortunately if we only briefly on the island. Finally we could see the ferry passed before.


Just like Bremerhaven, the wind blowing hard here once. Flying seagull. Fresh sea air. All must pay if you want to get into area beaches with white sand imported. This area looks when we walked into the tourist information office on the top floor. We took a walk around the harbor. Photographing fishing boats and small motor boats are aplenty parked there. It feels smell of the sea in this area.


Starting kedingingan caused wind gusts of sophistication, we then turned into a small strip mall, through the miraculous cafe, before lingering souvenir shops sellers. Embak chose three dried starfish to take home. Previously, we've wanted to one of the famous coastal village on the north coast, which Greetsiel. The intention is still not accomplished until now.


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