5 Things That Can Ruin Unexpected Skin

5 Things That Can Ruin Unexpected Skin
Skin damage is not only caused by the incorrect use of the product, pollution or lazy to clean your face. Trivial things like cell phones, dirty or chewing gum can also make skin dull, arising wrinkles and look older faster.

Unfortunately there are still many people who do not realize that they are doing a bad habit which impacts negatively on the skin. Here it is five unexpected things that can damage the beauty and skin elasticity, as quoted from Ourvanity.

1. Mobile phone

Never guess how much of the bacteria attached on the surface of your cell phone? The answer is, very much. You probably never thought that the phone that you use frequently and carry it everywhere it save thousands and even millions of bacteria. This is because you often put the phone in any place; bags, tables, floors, carpets and even toilets. As a result when you put the phone to his ear and cheek when talking on the phone, bacteria, germs and dust, too cheek. This can cause acne, blackheads or other skin health problems. So each finished placing the phone in a public place, always clean the phone with antibacterial wet tisue.

2. Pillowcase
Skin has the ability to regenerate new cells themselves while we sleep. Dead skin cells are released during sleep will stick on the pillow and leave a residue. If not cleaned, the dead skin cells that fall off the pillow can be attached again to the skin and cause dull skin and clogged pores. Not to mention the germs and bacteria that can cause acne. To avoid this, wash your pillowcase regularly, at least once a week. We recommend washing with hot water in order to clean up.

3. Hot Water Bath
Relieve fatigue after a day of work and deal with congestion, a hot bath a solution most appropriate to relax. But if the water is too hot, it can damage the skin pores. Hot water tends to eliminate the skin's natural oils and damage the lining is needed to protect the skin from damaging external factors. As a result, the skin becomes dry and scaly. When bathing, do not be too long and use cold water or lukewarm.

4. Chewing Gum
Chewing gum has benefits and disadvantages. Benefits, chewing gum can help clean up the remnants of food and drinks in the mouth and teeth are also freshen breath. But the movement while chewing gum using the same facial muscle movements repeatedly. This causes wrinkles and fine lines around the lips. Activities mouth doing the same movement over and over again can damage the skin and eliminate the volume and elasticity of the skin. Should not be too much to chew gum. Just do it sparingly.

5. Face puckered
Wrinkled face will be the formation of wrinkles around the eyes also forehead. But not many people are aware of, the activity of smoking or drinking water with a straw or from a bottle can cause wrinkles on the skin, especially around the mouth. The formation of wrinkles in that area occur gradually and slowly so that you do not realize it until it looks clear wrinkles. Avoid pursed lips too often so you look younger for longer.

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