Youtube Video Contest 'Contest Fall', iPhone 5 Defeat Galaxy S III

Youtube Video Contest 'contest Fall', iPhone 5 Defeat Galaxy S III 

IPhone 5 strongest opponents one mentioned is the Samsung Galaxy S III. Regardless of performance, what if both phones were pitted in a class of physical toughness. Competition 'fights fall' for example.

Yes, the fighting strength of the iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S III can be seen in the drop test conducted by Android Authority. In tests conducted in Hong Kong is, each handset has to undergo three different styles of fall is believed to be a threat in everyday use.

First, just dropped out of the pants pocket. Secondly, dropped chest height. And last ear height.

In a video uploaded on YouTube can be seen that the iPhone and the Galaxy S III immediately experience blisters at the first trial - was dropped after coming out of the pants pocket. Especially true blisters from the edge of the screen (bezel).

Then for the second test, was dropped at chest level, the Galaxy S III suffered more severe damage, where the screen had cracked. On the other hand, the iPhone 5 just got a scratch on the bezel.

Well, for the third drop test - dropped-style tub with tall ears are on the phone - iPhone 5 keep the damage to the screen. While the Galaxy S III gets additional cracks on the screen. In addition, the rear casing Samsung mobile champ also get released after the 'kiss' asphalt.

Had enough? Apparently not. As a final, iPhone 5 dropped back from a higher point. And the result is the phone's large 4 inch display is still not cracked and the screen is still able to operate smoothly.

Galaxy S III himself had suffered 'injury' is heavier than the iPhone 5 in testing this drop test. But the screen can still be operated.

Indeed, in these results, iPhone 5 looks more race wins. But again, the decision to choose the iPhone 5 or the Galaxy S III remains in your hands.

Here's a video drop test reported by Android Authority.

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