You Bored? Try to Play Music With Car Horn

You Bored? Try to Play Music with Car Horn

 England will host the 2012 Olympics will be held. Various preparations have they are doing. But there is one thing unique when 9 MINI cars together honked their horns in an orchestra to record and greet each participant who came.

Just a few weeks before the leading athletes from around the world gathered in London, unique offerings given by the London Philharmonic Orchestra with MINI steady English national anthem in an unusual way.


Therefore, the nine members of the professional orchestra entered the cabin nine MINI special edition Olympics and honked certain tempo to create harmony.


As a result, under the arrangements of conductor Gareth Newman, the national anthem of the UK music sounds unique yet harmonious and pleasant.


"This is the first time that we tried to play with just using the car horn as an instrument, and it is a fun and unique experience for us as musicians," said Newman in the BMW Group's website, after the recording done.


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