Year Home Soon Orbiting Porsche Cayman in Indonesia

Year Home Soon Orbiting Porsche Cayman in Indonesia
After being suspended, Porsche finally ensure that one of its flagship sports car, the latest Porsche Cayman will soon enter Indonesia. Next year, the German automaker is certain to adorn the archipelago.

All New Porsche Cayman previously prepared to come to Indonesia in 2012, but due to various constraints, these new cars coming in next year.


The number of global demand for this car related reason. Indonesia to take turns with other countries to get it.


"We are delay, beginning or middle of next year we can insert your new here," said Vice President of Sales & Marketing PT Eurokars Artha W. Main Yudhi Widodo.


Yudhi further explained that Cayman enthusiasts in Indonesia, including a lot. Moreover Porsche Germany has also demonstrated its commitment to develop the Indonesian market.


"Moreover Cayman selling model in the world," lugasnya.


Porsche Cayman itself reinforced with 3 engine options namely 2.700cc H6, H6 2.900cc, 3.400cc H6 embedded 5-speed automatic transmission, 5 speed manual, 6-speed manual and 7 speed PDK dual clutch.


"If for Indonesia Cayenne lead given its compact SUV and grab that could accommodate more passengers," due diligence.


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