Yamaha Wear Name Runner Lightning "Bolt" For Motor Future

Yamaha Wear Name Runner Lightning "Bolt" For Motor Future 

Athletes run Jamaica, Usain Bolt was phenomenal. The name 'Bolt' even now synonymous with speed thanks to a number of runners who hold the world record. And Yamaha apparently interested in using the name for their future motor.

Dilansir visordown, Friday (24/08/2012) Yamaha have recently been known to have filed a trademark for the word 'Bolt' of things they use in their future motorcycle.


Because the new olympic done, it seems likely that Yamaha-inspired human the fastest on the planet.


But many doubted if the name of 'Bolt' will be used to name the motors quickly as rectifier Yamaha R1 that was the center completed.


In fact, it is possible that the name is to be applied even motor scooters Yamaha to name them later.


In the application, the Yamaha mentioned if they want to use the name 'Bolt' to name 'motorcycle and structural components. "To say motorcycles, may be easy to translate into motor name, but for the word 'structural components', is not known what component is intended Yamaha.


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