Yamaha Post 3 Technicians Indonesia To Sit Under The Japanese

Yamaha Post 3 Technicians Indonesia to sit under the Japanese 

Jakarta - Contest Yamaha engineers worldwide, World Technician Grand Prix "(WTGP) 5th will be held on 23-24 October 2012 at the Yamaha Communication Plaza, better known by the Museum Yamaha Japan. 

Competition lasts for two days to test the Yamaha technicians about the skills, abilities, and knowledge in the field theory of the motorcycle, periodical inspection (maintenance), troubleshooting (analysis), and customer reception (service to consumers). 

This year's contest will be followed by the best Yamaha 28 technicians, the national champions from 21 countries. 

These countries are Australia, Canada, USA, Spain, France, Germany, England, Russia, Netherlands, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Japan, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and India. 

In a press release, Wednesday (09/26/2012) Yamaha Indonesia will send 3 best technicians, representing 12,000 Yamaha technicians throughout Indonesia. They are the national champions Yamaha technicians diajang competition in Indonesia (Indonesia Technician Grand Prix). 

They are:

Muhammad Agus, ITGP National Champion in 2008 (PT. Thamrin Brother - Palembang)

Agus Suryanto, ITGP National Champion in 2009 (PT. Thamrin Brother - Palembang)

Sukrisna Beni, ITGP National Champion in 2011 (BOE Sidoagung - Yogyakarta)

"All three of them will be fighting to retain the title World Champion has been achieved by Yamaha Indonesia in the event before," the press release Yamaha. 

In 2007, Yamaha Indonesia sent 2 technicians best, namely Imam Djarot Kristanto of Solo which is a National Champion ITGP (Indonesia Technician Grand Prix) in 2006 and Dewa Putu Gunawirawan of Bali which is ITGP National Champion in 2007. 

From 2 technicians were sent, both won, Dewa Putu Gunawirawan, becoming world champion, while the Imam Djarot Kristanto, is ranked third.


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