Wow Super Sophisticated, Flying Car in Front of Eye Lids

 Wow Super Sophisticated, Flying Car in Front of Eye Lids
The future of flying cars seem closer. The automaker-fly, Terrafugia Inc. said that they have managed to do the first testing their flying car, the Transition. Mass production was already in sight.

Successful testing they do is test the first of six official testing they will do.


This test as reported by the Wall Street Journal, including critical work because it would relate to whether or not to fly certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).


This certificate is essential for immediate delivery to consumers.


Companies based in Massachusetts, USA, said that they were doing a test flight at Plattsburgh International Airport which includes handling, stability testing, evaluating engine cooling, and determine the best settings for the propeller various flight conditions.


The prototype is also said to be going through various tests of driving because Terrafugia Transition is designed to provide an option for the rider to fly or drive on the tarmac to their destination, depending on conditions.


While walking in the street, the wing aircraft pre-production version is shown in New York will be folded and terselipkan next to the car body-fly when on the road.


Terrafugia says while the first shipment has not been done, they continue to receive orders from prospective customers, and expect a base price of vehicle to around U.S. $ 279,000 as start shipping in the next year or two.


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