Wow Shocking! Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle Fire

shocking Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle Fire 

Jakarta - The car fire was so unusual, but if the motor? Especially if the bike Kawasaki Ninja family. Well of course unique. That's what happened in the Isle of Man race.

As reported Visordown, Josan Griffiths Motorcycles Kawasaki ZX10R donate to help the driver in case of accident. Hopefully with this superbike capable officers faster to save the victim.


As well as fire trucks and other rescue, Kawasaki ZX-10R is also given stickers.


But certainly the firefighters who will mengendarakan this new bike, has had to compete in racing competitions.


"They will use their experience, both as a fan and as a motorbike firefighters who have been trained in road traffic. Addition, it also aims to promote the discussion of issues surrounding the importance of safety on the streets," said Fire Chief Brian Draper .


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