Wow Over 109 Years Every 10 Seconds 1 Car Ford Birth

Over 109 Years Every 10 Seconds 1 Car Ford Birth

Ford Motor Company today celebrated a significant milestone in its history with the production of the 350 million vehicles. That way, Ford was producing an average of one vehicle every 10 seconds during the 109 years of their existence.
Cars to Ford produced 350 million is an all-new Ford Focus which they say is the best-selling vehicle in the world.
"Consider, for a moment, the amount of 350 million vehicles," said John Fleming, Ford's executive vice president of Global Manufacturing.

"This is equivalent to produce one vehicle every 10 seconds for 109 years, and, if lined up end to end, would stretch back and forth to the moon - twice. This is a remarkable achievement and shows why we are all very excited in welcoming future, "lugasnya.
Ford celebrates production milestone is the latest in global production facility located in Rayong, Thailand, about 200 kilometers (120 miles) southeast of Bangkok.

Ford Thailand Manufacturing Facility (FTM), worth $ 450 million, opened in May 2012 to produce global Ford Focus, Ford's best-selling vehicle worldwide.

Since its founding in 1903, Ford has led the industry with revolutionary as the Model T that helped push the world love the affordable mobility.

In the first half of the century as a company, Ford grew up with people who like to drive, producing about 50 million vehicles - Thunderbird 1958 - just about 50 years and produced many loyal Ford owners along the way.

In the next five decades, Ford produced more than 300 million global vehicles, including vehicles iconic favorites such as Explorer, F-150, Fiesta, Focus, Fusion (Mondeo), Taurus and Mustang, as well as introducing innovative technologies such as in-car connectivity system SYNC infotainment ®.

"Today, with the innovative spirit of Henry Ford, One Ford plan Ford has now changed in the modern era to be able to compete anywhere in the world with a series of global vehicle that offers quality, fuel economy, safety, smart design and value," said Fleming.

In 2013, One Manufacturing Ford plans to produce more than 85 percent of the volume of vehicles from nine core platform, while continuing to introduce new products at a pace that is unprecedented.

In the next four years, Ford will have a series of new global vehicle in the world with 168 percent of the product portfolio is expected to change with major updates or new products until 2016.

Along with the increase in global automotive demand, Ford plans to expand its global sales by about 50 percent to 8 million vehicles by mid-decade - mainly led by Asia - to reach one-third or more of its sales in the next few years.

Asia is considered to be Ford's most important market today. For regional markets in Asia Pacific Africa (APA) to lead the future growth and create a balanced geographic performance for Ford.

Through an investment of $ 6.7 billion in the region since 2006, Ford invested heavily and aggressively expanding to meet the needs of consumers in this region, which is expected to reach 60 percent of the future growth of the industry until 2020.

For Asia, Ford has some strategies such as building nine new production facility consisting of six in China, two in India and one in Thailand with a capacity to produce 2.9 million vehicles by mid-decade.

In addition, Ford also will bring more than 50 new vehicles and powertrain into this market until mid-decade, including 15 vehicles to China by 2015, eight vehicles to India by 2015, eight vehicles to the ASEAN until mid-decade, and four vehicles to Taiwan.

Ford also wants to reach 95 percent by volume of APA on the global platform by mid-decade and double the number of dealers in the area until mid-decade.


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