Wow Giant Car Manufacturer BMW 3 Series GT Prepare

Giant car manufacturer BMW 3 Series GT Prepare
Illustration BMW 3 Series

Paris - Europe may be affected by the financial crisis of the old, but it does not necessarily make the German manufacturer BMW stopped to give birth to new works can make the saliva dripping.


BMW 3 Series GT ready to give birth at the Leipzig plant. And cars that ever appeared in the year 1994 will be introduced September 2012 at the Paris Motor Show. And ready for sale in early 2013.


As reported by Autocar, Thursday (08/16/2012) five-door sedan will carry the latest platform of the 3 Series. The platform is embedded in the 3 Series GT will also be placed in the body of Series 4 Gran Coupé 4. The latest four-door sedan will be introduced in 2015.


3 Series GT this time known by the code name F34, ie the shape of the 5 Series GT, with a higher roofline and wider than the current 3 Series.


With a longer wheelbase than its sibling, the 3 Series GT claimed will have more space for rear passengers and will also have a better load better than the latest sedan-3 series and BMW models currently touring. So it is obviously trying to seduce lovers of the BMW family.


But unfortunately not yet certain how the price set is priced to bring the BMW 3 Series GT from Germany this time.


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