Wow Fantastic! Kawasaki Ninja Will There Electric Version

Wow! Kawasaki Ninja Will There Electric Version 

Tokyo - The development of automotive electric motors to the car and began to be felt, with the intention of automotive manufacturers who want to produce environmentally friendly vehicles.

This time it's commitment to bring the electric motor comes from the Kawasaki motorcycle manufacturer. Even the Japanese manufacturer's patented one electric vehicle.


Reported by Visordown, Thursday (08/09/2012) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-use basis 10R, which they turned into to an electric-powered.


The electric motor and the battery itself was built by British motor company listrim, TT-Zero.


Kawasaki chose TT-Zero because the company is quite successful judging developing powerful electric motors and fast. In the cooperation, Kawasaki will provide the framework while TT-Zero focuses on the development of the electric motor.


Kawasaki Motors Electric designed to appear attractive as a conventional engine. The idea is to maintain the impression of lovers who are accustomed to driving moge Kawasaki Kawasaki.


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