Wow Dasom 'SISTAR' Denies Use Footstool Bottom

Dasom 'SISTAR' Denies Use Footstool Bottom 

Various celebrities made ​​to appear to have the perfect body. SISTAR personnel allegedly Dasom ever wear wedge buttocks during a gig.

Objects suspected lump buttocks crashed while performing at a concert outside of Korea. However, the SBS program 'Strong Heart' Dasom denied it.


"I do not use the wedge ass time. Was a concert outside of Korea, and I keep a wireless microphone in my pants. When walking, mic fell and fans thought it was a lump buttocks," the story reported by allkpop, Wednesday (09/26/2012) .


Dasom admitted confident with her ​​figure now. He claimed not need help like bumps on the buttocks.


"I do not need any help," he said confidently.

(ast / MMU)


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