Wow Car Fun Kart, Iron Used Vehicles from Only $ 650

Wow Car Fun Kart, Iron Used Vehicles from Only $ 650
Fun Kart (Ikhsan)
Jakarta - The Indonesian male and female students in the creative course. They compete to innovate are admirable. As the students of private schools namely School Development Jaya, Bintaro.

They now produce 3 vehicles four wheels. These three cars are the work of students and School Science Center. The students are called "Fun Kart".

"This is the first car. We teach how to become an entrepreneur in the technology field," said Head of Management Education Jaya, R. Tony Soehartono on the sidelines of the launch of the third car in the University Development Jaya, Bintaro, Monday (03/09/2012).

He lays out 3 Fun Kart was created to encourage students to be more creative in the field of technology to make 1 car 2-stroke 110 cc, 1 car petrol 2 stroke and 4 stroke CNG auto first, the students were divided into three work teams where one team is divided within 4-6 students.

"Actually this project since 5 years ago. 5 years ago we already produce lawn mower. Nah, this year with other alternative fuels," said Tony.

In the same place, the team leader Sandy Dwiputra grade 2 IPS said there was no difficulty in producing the car Fun Kart.

"Usually a small go-kart car, but it is rather large. 1 type of car engine mocin 2 stroke 110 cc, Suzuki Tornado 110 cc 2 stroke (oil and gas), and 1 grated coconut 4 stroke engine with fuel gas. Which is 170 cc, "said Sandy.
Sandy said, 1 car spent about $ 6 million. And because of the limitations of the tool, the students rely welding shops around the school.

"Las big ones in the workshop, and small ones such as brackets, engine, and brakes in the school," said second-grader's.

Vehicle Development student Jaya quite unique. Although only a concept, but pretty good reliability in field soil. Fun Kart is not dilengkapoi with suspension. So rather loud when driving on bad roads.

"It is kind of hard because there is no suspension," said Sandy. "But in the future I and the team will let me install suspension softer," sure.

For 1 car 2-stroke 110 cc Vespa strengthened with the front tires with rims 86 super ring 14 in front and rear tires 14 tread width Bajaj ring.

"Ban nyari in Kebayoran and iron scrap most of that is in the school," added Sandy.

The total for the car unit is spending $ 6 million.


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