Wow Brand New Car, Daihatsu Luxio The Luxury

Brand new car, Daihatsu Luxio The Luxury 
Jakarta - The Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2012, Daihatsu Luxio Quartett display. Why cars to bet the cards? No, this is a concept car with its base Luxio.

Luxio Quartett reins as luxury mini van. Vagian exterior and interior modified in such a way with a few touches of black and white.


In addition to the dominant white color, black color also seen on the roof and pillar A. One of the Sales Promotion Girl (SPG) in booth Daihatsu Luxio divulge if Quartett is a concept car creation Head Project Design Daihatsu, Mark Widjaja.


"The design of this car is also medesain Daihatsu Mark Ayla," said the girl told detikOto.


Mark pretty creative design results. In the interior there are only 4 seats, two in front and two in the rear wrapped in luxurious leather. Not arbitrary material. One of the visitors IIMs also feel quite soft seat.


"Luxio is a family car that was mediocre, but that's pretty incredible. Chair is padded. Quite fancy the rear cabin of relief that was a bit cramped," said Pilo living in Kelapa Gading it.


While the center of the rear seat is available cool box. The interior is classy dengaj the monitor screen on the roof of the car. Fun Luxio Quartett also provided audio services connected with android.


What about the price. Since the concept car, Luxio Quartett not have a price. Daihatsu themselves do not know what to do with the car.


"It's still seeing the interest of visitors. Yet know, manufactured or not. Could also be the most luxurious variant Luxio," said Public Relations of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor, Lizta Jewel N.


(Ikh / DDN)

 Brand new car, Daihatsu Luxio The Luxury


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