Woow Aston Martin, Car Brands Coolest in The World?

Aston Martin, Car Brands coolest in the world? 
London - Of the many brands of cars in the world, car brand is considered the coolest car brand in the world? Aston Martin turned out to be the answer.

For the people of England, Aston Martin is the coolest car brand in the world. This brand also received the highest place among other car brands.


In the list compiled CoolBrands coolest brand, Aston Martin gets the highest position among car brands. And position 3 when juxtaposed with all existing brands in the world under the Apple and YouTube.

"The design is elegant, luxurious, perfect proportions and flawless attention to detail, every Aston Martin brings the power and ability of sport together with understated refinement and beauty," wrote CoolBrands on its website.


"Aston Martin has a distinctive and individual character, honed over a century in the field of design and engineering expertise. Combining elegant form with a superb sports skills, each Aston Martin is a pure driving machine," they added.


"With a proud history with hand-building, some of the world's most iconic cars, Aston Martin continues to develop exciting new models. From limited edition Vanquish V12 Zagato to the stunning Super Grand Tourer, (Aston Martin) shows the brand skills, expertise and desire to superior, "lugasnya.


List coolest brand's own version of the CoolBrands 1200 compiled after selecting outstanding brand in the UK, involving more than 10,000 respondents.


In 2010 ago, Aston Martin recorded was overthrown Apple for being the coolest brand in the UK before being recaptured by Apple.


In the list of the 20 coolest brands CoolBrands this version, there are also other automotive brands in the list of the Mercedes-Benz. German car brand is ranked number 16 in the list of the coolest brands.


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