Willing to Spend More Money, For Fox Bikes Become Cars Ferrari

Willing to Spend More Money, For Fox Bikes Become Cars Ferrari 
When he looks at a glance to see if you would have thought it was a Ferrari car. Yes, that's right. He looks it looks a Ferrari, but this is actually a bicycle pedal. Lah.

Physically bike glance looked like a Ferrari FXX is capable of driving up to 250 mph or 402 km / h. Because that's not surprising that the name of this bike is Fahrradi Farfall FFX.


But do not think these bikes can go as fast as a Ferrari, because, despite looking like a Ferrari bike must still be manually dikayuh with 11 teeth instead driven by V12 engines as well as the FXX F1 tech.


The birth of this unique bike is the brainchild of Austrian artist Hannes Langeder are willing to spend a year building the bike is amazing.


Name bike-car derived from the German word meaning Fahrrad bike and Italian phrases, Farfalla, which means butterfly.


Langeder use the word butterfly because he claims that by riding this one will be able to run faster than the bike in general.


In addition, the shape of a stylized gullwing doors that were said to be able to take it like a fly.


Fahrradi Farfall FFX bike weighs only 100 kg thanks to the application of lightweight plastic and steel tube in his body on the chassis.


A professor of art named Andrea van der Straeten Langeder describes creation as a vehicle capable of moving silently and have a light elegance of a butterfly.


Currently Ferrari car shaped bike was on display at the Art Museum Lentos in Linz, Austria as part of an auto show.


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