Want to Receive Battery Used Toyota

Want to receive battery Used Toyota

Battery or a car battery automotive products that can pollute the environment. Toyota is ready to buy back the battery or battery Toyota car users who are not suitable to be used with a range of Rp 40,000 to Rp 100,000. This is the Toyota way to preserve the environment.

"Talk about a lot of eco-friendly, four-wheeled vehicles it could potentially pollute the environment.'s Why we try to give the Green Workshop in any official Toyota workshop," said Planning and Development Department Head, PT.Toyota Astra Motor (TAM), Anwar Saleh in Booth Toyota IIMS 2012.


Aki could pollute the environment as well as oil if not managed properly. "That is why the rest of used batteries that have been used and the consumer has been damaged, we will not waste carelessly., And we will buy the consumer-owned battery, and will be given to companies that have been certified recycling," added Saleh.


The price offered to consumers of used batteries is also quite varied, and depend on each area.


"Green Program Workshop Toyota is not only able to manage the waste, so it does not harm the environment. However it also adds value to the waste, to be used again," said Marketing Director of PT Toyota Astra Motor, Joko Trisanyoto.


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