Waiting Gait Real 'People's Car' in Indonesia

Waiting Gait Real 'People's Car' in Indonesia
Starting from the concerns of the high number of motorcycle accidents in India, Tata Motors Chairman, Ratan Tata produce a car that is only sold at Rp 23 million in India.

The idea of ​​making the car appear as Chairman of Tata Motors, Ratan Tata saw a family consisting of father, mother and a child riding a tandem bike. Tata admitted concern with high motorcycle accident in India.

"I observed families riding a two-wheel motorcycle, in front of the father, the child in front and behind her holding a baby," says her Henry Ford India said in a statement at the launch of the Nano in 2008. The scenery is also frequently recorded on the streets of Indonesia.

The idea was eventually covered in the Tata people's car Tata Nano India ie. And 4 years later after the Tata Nano rolled in India, Tata Motors official entry into Indonesia.

It's no secret that Indonesia's car market dominated by brands of bamboo curtain country, Japan. Indian car manufacturer, Tata Motors, also knew about it. Compared against Japan, Tata Motors created a new segment prefers.

Executive Director of Tata Motors Ltd Ravindra Pisharody explained that Tata Motors Indonesia understand market conditions, which is why he will not necessarily directly against brands from Japan.

"We know 90 percent of the Indonesian market is dominated by Japanese brands. But we believe there is always a need," he said.

"And we are different, we will not fight directly. Segment we'll make our own. Target of 4-5 years we can establish ourselves in order to be a leader in this segment of the market that created it," lugasnya.

The arrival of Tata Motors itself fairly seriously. Currently they are declared officially entered Indonesia.

Despite having an official flag, Tata Motors patient enough to launch its cars in Indonesia.

They are currently setting up a network of sales and after-sales network before releasing them into production car in Indonesia.

It was intended that when the car is sold all consumers' needs can be met.

In addition to the sales network and after-sales service, Tata Motors also intends to build a plant in Indonesia that target will operate in 2013.


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