Unissula Just Spend USD 31.2 Million for H-Molex Car Make

Unissula Just Spend USD 31.2 Million for H-Molex Car Make 
Cars with three energy while the sun, gas and gasoline yield student assemblies Sultan Agung Islamic University (Unissula) Semarang can indeed provide a new idea. Moreover, this car only spend up to USD 31.2 million. Cheap too huh?

"To be able to bear our H-Molex to spend up to approximately USD 31.2 million. Electric motor to spend up to Rp 8 million, one solar panel package (5 plates) Rp 9 million, USD million gas engines, and 6 batteries reached USD 10.1 million (1 battery, USD 1.7 million), "said Agus Suprajitno Lecturer Electrical Unissula, when contacted detikOto, Monday (03/09/2012).


Not only that, the assembly time is quite short, only 8 months. "The longest was waiting for electric machine, which takes up to 6 months., And to be able to create a shape like this only takes two months," he said.


Like the other assembled cars, this Unsulla students borrow some parts belong to other automotive manufacturers.


"The design is still much need of repair. Due to the time when we were very little. So for the headlights we still use the Daihatsu Gran Max and for the rear lights we use the Suzuki Carry pickup," he said.


"And the plan we will be assembling small cars will also use 3 machines," he added.


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