Track Record 10 Year Journey Firefox

Track Record 10 Year Journey Firefox 

Internet users are of course familiar with the browser application (browser) that made the Mozilla Foundation Firefox (The Mozilla Foundation). Firefox is a product that is unique, because it is open source browser (open source).
Mozilla released Firefox programming source code to the public. This makes the general public, or volunteer open source, can be helped to develop Firefox. Including, making the tool (add-ons) to Firefox. The existence of a variety of add-ons, both developed by Mozilla employees and the public, has become its own characteristics to the browser fire fox logo.
On 23 September 2012 ago, Firefox reached the age of 10 years. There are many accomplishments that have been achieved thanks to product Mozilla Firefox. Here's a brief history of Mozilla and their achievements:
March 31, 1998
The Netscape programmers start open source projects. They call this project as Mozilla, a code name of the browser Netscape Navigator is very popular in the 1990s era. Mozilla comes from the word "mosaic" (popular browser in the 1990s) and the "killer".
23 September 2002
Browser called Phoenix 0.1 release. This product is the forerunner of what became known as the browser Firefox.
July 15, 2003
The Mozilla Foundation is established. The Foundation is headquartered in Mountain View, United States, is a non-profit organization that holds the principle: "The Web is a public resource that must be developed and protected, not a commodity for sale."
In its website, Mozilla mempromosikaan committed to openness, innovation and opportunity in the virtual world.
June 15, 2004
Mozilla launches Gallery Add-ons, which provide tools extensions, themes and plug-ins that can be used to enrich the user's Firefox browser.
9 November 2004
Mozilla introduces Firefox 1.0, a complete version of the browser. To welcome her, the fans of Mozilla put a full page ad in the daily newspaper The New York Times.
August 12, 2006
The Firefox fans, who are mostly students of Oregon State, the United States, making crop-circle measuring 220 feet pictorial Firefox logo in the wheat field near Amity, Oregon, USA.
Fans made the Firefox logo crop circle in the wheat field near Amity, Oregon, USA
February 21, 2008
Total downloads Firefox reaches more than 500 million times.
June 17, 2008
Mozilla released Firefox 3.0. Within 24 hours, Firefox 3.0 downloaded by 8 million times. There has never been a software that can accomplish this feat. Guinness World Records named Firefox 3.0 as "Software Application with Most downloads in 24 hours."
February 8, 2011
Mozilla's commitment to protecting the privacy of users, with the release of the beta version of Firefox 4 that features "Do Not Track".
March 29, 2011
Mozilla released Firefox for Android mobile devices. This browser provides a choice of 10 languages.
April 2011
Foundation accelerate the release schedule of new versions of Firefox every six weeks once. With this schedule, there are always four versions of Firefox that is being done in a certain time.
Users can try out the version of "Nightly" has an update but has not been fully repaired, and no version of "Aurora" which is more stable, then the version of "Beta" that comes before the full version.
July 26, 2012
Total downloads of add-ons than 3 billion times. Mozilla claims, they have more than 17 thousand users also create add-ons for Firefox.

23 September 2012
More than 450 million people use Firefox. Approximately 40% of the programming code written by the open source volunteers. Firefox for personal computers is available in 75 languages ​​and more than half use a non-English language versions.


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