Toyota Corolla Latest Car looks magnificent and graceful

Tokyo - the most popular models of Toyota, Corolla, now appear more sporty. Toyota recently showed a new face to the car that has sold 1.2 million units of it.

Toyota in a statement explaining that the new Corolla hatch models they show looks sharper and sportier than the current Corolla.


Starting today, the car is sold in Japan and the next stop is Australia to be shown in 2 months in the event the Australian International Motor Show in Sydney.


Corolla Auris in some country called itself has existed since 1966 ago and since then until 1999 there were sold 666,000 Corollas in Australia or 56 percent of the production of the Corolla.


Toyota explains that this new model of European inspired exterior with flowing lines but firm. While the interior is more spacious.


Meanwhile for Australia, Toyota will provide 1.8-liter petrol engine is more powerful than the other regions.


"Strong European influence in the new Corolla include spirit '-Waku Doki", a car that is fun to be owned and driven by the sharp styling and responsive acceleration, accurate steering and excellent ride comfort, "says executive director sales and marketing of Toyota Australia Matthew Callachor.


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