Threatened Muzzled, Website in Malaysia "Black Out"

Threatened muzzled, Website in Malaysia "Black Out" 

In Malaysia, non-governmental organizations, famous bloggers, and politicians from the opposition agreed to "withdraw" from the Internet on Tuesday (08/14/2012) this. Malaysia at least 45 sites involved in the plan.

The trick is to display a pop-up containing a cartoon black and call to sign a petition on Facebook. Among the sites participating Sius is news portal Malaysiakini, Lelong auction sites, automotive sites and Paultan.

Actions that they do in order to protest the amendment to the Evidence Act which came into force in Malaysia last April despite widespread opposition.

Action titled "Internet Blackout Day" was initiated by the Center for Independent Journalists (CIJ) Malaysia, who said that the amendment was "bad law which was inaugurated in a hurry and did not heed the interests of public participation."

Because section 114A in the legislation Evidence Act states that all Internet users-including the owner of the website, social media accounts, and electronic devices in use-are responsible for all content loaded libel published by the linked site, even if the content in question not made by themselves.

That is, anyone ranging from individual users to the administrator who runs the online forums, blogs, and hosting services threatened a lawsuit if there is content with the content of libel published on its website or their services.

Any Malaysian citizen who have Facebook accounts can be entangled problems if not careful before posting anything. Which is the bigger problem facing owners of large forums like Search which get 150,000 unique visitors per day,

"Now we can be sued for anything that in-post (in this forum)," said founder and Chief Executive Search Liew Chew Keat, as quoted by the Asia News Network. "But it can not monitor every person here, or prove that we are not the person who makes an offensive content."

According to this new law, suspects are considered guilty unless able to prove otherwise. This point has been criticized as contrary to the principle of presumption of innocence.

Malaysia activists called the amendment as an attempt of the government coalition that has ruled over decades lime to suppress freedom on the internet.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak in next year's election will be faced with tough opponents who use the Internet for campaigning, as constrained by the traditional media.

Action by blocking internet sites Malaysia is scheduled to last for 24 hours until midnight. This action is similar to that carried out many sites in the U.S. - including Wikipedia - protesting the bill as SOPA / PIPA.
Sources:Asia News Network

Editor:Wicaksono Surya Hidayat

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