This Car Looks Seventh Generation VW Golf

This Car Looks Seventh Generation VW Golf 

Berlin - German manufacturer Volkswagen Golf VII finally released. VW's best-selling car was launched in Berlin, Germany.

As usual, gives VW Golf frills with more features, more secure, 220 pounds lighter than the previous generation and more powerful.


In a press release Volkswagen Golf VII mentioned is the first model to use VW MQB architecture.

fuel consumption


There are some engines are more efficient Golf. Especially for European Golf reinforced with engines 1.4 TSI that produces 140 horsepower. This engine has a fuel consumption of 49 miles per gallon.


As for the TDI diesel engine-powered 105 horse, have fuel consumption of 62 miles per gallon.

Dimension longer


Golf for slightly longer precisely 2.2 inches longer than the old car.


While the interior more spacious, with a cabin and a longer leg.


To entertainmentnya widespread use touchscreen display measuring 5 inches, even for the lowest type.


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